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Autoroutes écologiques respectueuses de l’environnement

is a tag used in HTML to create a division or a section in a webpage. In this case, we are discussing the efforts of Autoroutes du Maroc (ADM) towards creating sustainable highways in Morocco.

The Director General of ADM, Anouar Benazzouz, emphasized the importance of balancing economic efficiency, innovation, environmental responsibility, and social well-being in their sustainability efforts. The first edition of the 2022 sustainable development report highlights the actions taken by ADM to achieve these goals.

One of the key initiatives mentioned in the report is the reforestation program, which involved planting 939,800 trees and reforesting an area of 1,955 hectares by the end of 2022. This program aimed at compensating for deforestation caused by highway construction and preserving natural resources.

The report, titled « Les autoroutes au Maroc: un modèle de gestion inclusif et durable, » also showcases the success of programs like Vert, Azur, and Communautaire. The landscaping of highway dependencies, including service areas, toll booths, and medians, was done using plant species suited to the regions traversed by the highways. This initiative resulted in the planting of 2,895,518 trees and shrubs, enhancing the visual appeal of the highway infrastructure.

In addition to reforestation and landscaping, ADM launched the « Al Ard » program, focusing on treating slopes, producing plants to stabilize soil, and creating employment opportunities. The report highlights the collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) in setting up a nursery and creating 10,000 days of work through additional activities.

ADM has also made significant progress in adopting sustainable practices, such as installing LED lighting at 50% of sites, making four toll booths self-sufficient during the day with solar panels, and establishing a network of electric vehicle charging stations along the Tanger-Agadir axis.

The company’s commitment to preserving natural resources and biodiversity is evident in its wastewater treatment, rainwater pre-treatment, and dry compaction techniques. Additionally, ADM has reduced paper consumption by 81% through digital administrative processes, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, ADM has focused on biodiversity conservation by protecting natural plant species, collaborating with conservation programs, and implementing wildlife passages through hydraulic structures on highways. These efforts demonstrate ADM’s dedication to promoting environmentally-friendly mobility.

In line with their sustainability goals, ADM has also supported rural schools near highways through the J/Jeunes espoirs program, providing improved sanitation facilities, access to digital resources, and infrastructure upgrades for over 3,600 students.

Overall, ADM’s sustainable development initiatives not only promote eco-friendly highway infrastructure but also contribute to social development and biodiversity conservation. Through their dedication to balancing economic growth with environmental and social responsibility, ADM is setting a benchmark for sustainable highway management in Morocco.

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