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La NARSA réagit à la controverse et nie les « fausses nouvelles »

is an HTML element used to group together other HTML elements to define a section of a webpage. In this article, we will discuss the response of the NARSA to the controversy surrounding the new driving license exam in French-speaking countries.

The NARSA, which stands for the National Road Safety Agency, recently released a statement in response to the circulating misinformation and fake news related to the new driving license exam. The agency emphasized the importance of properly preparing new drivers and improving road safety in the Kingdom through the qualification of driving schools and focusing on the appropriate behavior, awareness of road dangers, and self-assessment of driver capabilities.

The NARSA encouraged all professionals in driving schools and candidates to continue their commitment to the success of this important reform project. They stressed the importance of ensuring candidates are well-trained on the approved topics, such as road rules, vehicle maintenance, and driving behavior before scheduling their exams.

During this transitional period, the NARSA announced the availability of indicators on the level of correct answers for candidates registered with each driving school through the learning platform « Perminou. » The agency also called on candidates to sign up and access the platform, which contains comprehensive content on various topics to help them acquire sufficient knowledge to pass the driving exam.

Furthermore, the NARSA addressed the false information circulating on social media regarding questions related to driving under the influence of alcohol and the use of highways. They clarified that these questions and images are fabricated and do not exist in the new question bank. The agency warned that they would take legal action against those spreading rumors and fake news.

The NARSA pledged to monitor and evaluate the new driving license exam daily, utilizing all necessary means to ensure the successful implementation of this reform project. This initiative aims to elevate the qualification level of drivers, improve road safety in the Kingdom, and promote fair competition among driving school professionals.

In conclusion, the NARSA’s response to the fake news surrounding the new driving license exam highlights the agency’s commitment to enhancing road safety and driver qualifications. By debunking misinformation and promoting accurate information, the agency aims to ensure a smooth transition to the new exam format and ultimately improve road safety in the Kingdom.

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