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Les députés demandent la mise en place de mesures de lutte contre la criminalité électronique.

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During this meeting, the focus was on the major objectives of a new law aimed at reforming the judicial system, promoting the rule of law, and enhancing judicial security and business climate. Members of parliament emphasized the need to modernize the legal framework related to civil procedures to ensure rights and freedoms, and to strengthen social peace. They highlighted that the current law is outdated and does not align with the new constitutional provisions or meet the needs of the people.

Accelerating the development of a new comprehensive law was deemed necessary to address the shortcomings in judicial practice, such as ensuring a fair trial, access to justice, and harmonizing administrative, commercial, and civil procedures. The discussions also covered the key features of the proposed law, including procedural implementation of constitutional guarantees for litigants’ rights and conditions for fair trials within reasonable timeframes.

On the digital front, participants stressed the importance of enhancing mechanisms to combat cybercrime and promoting digital administration in the judicial domain. The proposed law aims to enhance judicial efficiency by revisiting the principle of jurisdictional incompetence and expanding the role of the prosecution in maintaining public order, streamlining pretrial detention, and strengthening international judicial cooperation.

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