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L’expérience a été déterminante dans la qualification du Hassania

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The match took place in front of over 25,000 enthusiastic fans at the grand stadium in Marrakech during the holy month of Ramadan. However, despite the large turnout, the organization of the event was described as lamentable, with issues at all levels.

Despite a strong start by the home team, KACM, they were unable to capitalize on their early dominance. HUSA, the visiting team, took the lead in the 25th minute with a goal from Salahedine Bahi. Throughout the match, KACM continued to push forward but were unable to break through the HUSA defense.

In the second half, HUSA extended their lead with a controversial penalty goal by Soufiane Mouden Habham in the 81st minute. KACM managed to pull one back in stoppage time through Hicham Baoche, but it was too little too late.

The match was marred by poor refereeing decisions, with both coaches expressing their frustrations with the officials. KACM coach Mohammed Adel Radi took responsibility for the team’s early exit from the prestigious Coupe du Trône, stating that luck was not on their side and highlighting defensive errors as a key factor in the defeat.

On the other hand, HUSA coach Abdellhadi Sektioui praised his team’s experience and ability to capitalize on their opportunities. He emphasized the importance of winning matches in cup competitions and the role that experience plays in achieving success.

Overall, the match between KACM and HUSA showcased the importance of organization and experience in football. In the context of web development, using

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