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Non en mon nom

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, one man is speaking out against the violence and injustice. Hicham Ayouch, a French-Moroccan artist of both Jewish and Muslim descent, is boldly declaring “Pas en mon nom” (Not in my name) in response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Ayouch’s unique background, with a Jewish mother and Muslim father, allows him to see the situation from multiple perspectives. He refuses to be pigeonholed into supporting one side over the other simply based on his religious heritage. Instead, he condemns the actions of the Israeli government as “a crime, both morally and legally, contrary to human rights.”

In a heartfelt message, Ayouch emphasizes the need for people to open their minds and hearts to the suffering of both Palestinians and Israelis. He reminds us that the conflict is not about religion, but rather a colonial struggle for power and land.

As a Jew, Ayouch expresses his shame and horror at the atrocities committed by Israel. He rejects the misuse of the Holocaust to justify violence and calls for a more compassionate and peaceful resolution to the long-standing conflict.

By speaking out against the actions of the Israeli government, Ayouch is challenging the narrative that all Jews must unconditionally support Israel. He reminds us of the rich contributions Jewish people have made to the world in various fields such as art, science, culture, and philosophy.

Ayouch dreams of a future where Palestinians and Israelis can coexist in peace and harmony, where children of both nations can play and dream together without fear. He urges the world to take notice of the ongoing tragedy in the region and to work towards a just and lasting solution.

In a time of great division and hatred, Hicham Ayouch’s message of peace and solidarity serves as a powerful reminder that we are all human beings deserving of dignity and respect. Let us heed his call for compassion, understanding, and reconciliation, and strive towards a future where the words “Shalom Aleichem, Salam Aleikum, Paix” (Peace) ring true for all.

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