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Salim Berrada condamné à 18 ans de prison, décide de faire appel

Salim Berrada, an ex-photographer, was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the criminal court of Paris for the rapes and sexual assaults of 15 women he met on social media or dating websites between 2014 and 2016. Berrada had lured these women to his home under the pretense of a photo shoot.

During the two-week trial, Berrada denied the allegations, claiming that the relationships were consensual or did not happen at all. Despite his denial, the court found him guilty based on the organized nature of the crimes, the repeated modus operandi, and the serial aspect of the offenses.

While Berrada was acquitted for two other women due to lack of evidence and the principle of « benefit of the doubt, » the court emphasized the seriousness of the crimes and the alarming pattern of behavior displayed by the defendant.

After the verdict was read, Berrada’s lawyers, Irina Kratz and Ambroise Viennet-Legué, declined to make any further comments on the case.

In response to the ruling, Berrada has decided to appeal the decision, seeking a reassessment of the charges brought against him.

The case of Salim Berrada serves as a reminder of the importance of holding perpetrators of sexual violence accountable for their actions. It also highlights the need for continued efforts to prevent and address such crimes in order to protect individuals from falling victim to predatory individuals like Berrada.

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