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Un premier pas vers l’obtention de la qualification

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The article starts by highlighting the first half of the game, which was very satisfying for the Lionnes de l’Atlas. They took a 1-0 lead thanks to a penalty saved by Khadija Er-Rmichi and a goal by Redouani. The Lionnes were tactically, technically, and mentally superior to the Zambian team, despite the presence of their star players, Banda and Chanda. The Zambian team, feeling pressured, became aggressive on the field. The article also mentions a controversial penalty call that led to a yellow card for the Zambian captain.

Moving on to the second half, the Lionnes continued to dominate but eventually conceded a goal to the Zambian team. However, in stoppage time, Ayane scored a crucial goal to secure a first-leg victory for the national team.

Overall, the article captures the excitement and drama of the game, emphasizing the skill and determination of the Lionnes de l’Atlas. The mention of the upcoming second leg in Rabat hints at the potential for further success and qualification for the team.

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