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L’enregistrement des demandes est ouvert jusqu’au 5 avril

is a commonly used HTML element that is used to define a division or a section in an HTML document. In the context of the text provided,

is used to wrap around a block of text to separate and style it differently from the rest of the content on the webpage.

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The text within the

element talks about the import procedures related to the Office National Interprofessionnel des Céréales et des Légumineuses (ONICL). It mentions that importers are invited to submit their filled commitment forms at the nearest ONICL external service office without having to deposit the required guarantee mentioned in the circular.

It further states that ONICL, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests, will review the commitment requests received since the start of the program and finalize the list of the quantity to be imported by each operator. Import eligibility receipts will be issued specifying the quantity to be allocated to each operator, with details on the new procedures to be provided in an addendum to the ONICL circular.

Overall, the use of

in this context helps in organizing and styling the information related to import procedures, making it visually distinct and easier to read for the website visitors. It is a simple yet effective way to structure content and enhance the user experience on a webpage.

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