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Les députés demandent la mise en place de mécanismes de lutte contre la criminalité électronique.

is a widely used HTML element that is used to create divisions or sections in a web page. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a recent law reform proposed by a group of lawmakers in France.

During a meeting organized by the Commission of Justice, Legislation, and Human Rights, the focus was on the key objectives of this proposed law, which is part of a comprehensive reform of the judicial system. The aim is to strengthen the rule of law, promote judicial security, and improve the overall business climate.

The lawmakers emphasized the need to modernize the legal framework related to civil procedures to ensure rights and freedoms and enhance social peace. They highlighted the importance of procedural justice and procedural rules in improving the quality of judicial services and protecting the rights of citizens.

Furthermore, it was noted that the current law is not only outdated in light of new constitutional provisions but also fails to meet the economic and social demands and aspirations of citizens. Therefore, there is a pressing need to draft a new law to address these shortcomings and improve the judicial practice.

The discussions also focused on the major new features of the proposed law, including the procedural implementation of constitutional guarantees for the rights of citizens and the conditions to ensure fair trials within reasonable timeframes.

In terms of digitization, participants stressed the importance of developing mechanisms to combat cybercrime and enhancing digital administration in the judicial sector.

The proposed law, known as Law 02.23, aims to enhance judicial efficiency by revisiting the principle of jurisdictional incompetence and expanding the scope of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to maintain public order, rationalize pre-trial detention, and strengthen international judicial cooperation.

In conclusion, the proposed law represents a significant step towards modernizing the judicial system in France and ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights and the rule of law. It reflects a commitment to improving judicial procedures, enhancing legal services, and addressing the challenges posed by digital crime in today’s technologically advanced world.

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