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Un surplus total de 2,21 milliards de dirhams à la fin de février

is a crucial element in the management of local finances in France. According to the Treasury General of the Kingdom (TGR), this result takes into account a positive balance of 15 million dirhams (MDH) generated by special accounts and annex budgets. The TGR specifies in its recent Monthly Bulletin of Statistics of Local Finances (BMSFL) that the surplus of 2.21 MMDH is intended to cover expenses incurred and to be paid in the year 2024.

Special budgets and accounts managed by local authorities have shown a zero balance and a positive balance of 15 MDH respectively, compared to a zero balance for annex budgets and a positive balance of 58 MDH for special accounts as of February 2023. The surplus generated by the budgets of local authorities as of February 2024, along with borrowing receipts of 1 MDH, has enabled the repayment of principal debt for 96 MDH and the replenishment of surpluses for 2.11 MMDH.

As for the ordinary revenues of local authorities, they amounted to 4.5 MMDH, a decrease of 0.7% year-on-year, explained by a 9.9% decrease in transferred revenues, combined with a 9.6% increase in revenues managed by the State and a 12.5% increase in revenues managed by local authorities.

During the same period, total expenditures incurred by local authorities (ordinary expenses, investment expenses, and repayment of principal debt) amounted to 2.43 MMDH, an increase of 3.2% compared to their level at the end of February 2023. They consist of 94.7% ordinary expenses.

Similarly, the overall surpluses generated by the budgets of local authorities amounted to 53.7 MMDH. These surpluses include surpluses from previous years and that of the year 2024 (2.21 MMDH). These surpluses are intended to cover planned and incurred expenses for previous years and unpaid expenses incurred in 2024. The remaining amount is made up of available cash for the payment of due expenses (salaries, water and electricity, rent, debt interests, delegated management, etc.). Municipalities account for 54.9% of the overall surpluses of local authorities.

In conclusion, the positive balance of 2.21 MMDH at the end of February demonstrates effective financial management by local authorities in France. It ensures that expenses are covered, debts are repaid, and surpluses are maintained to address future financial obligations. This financial stability is essential for the proper functioning of local administrations and the continued provision of services to the community.

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